The Municipality of Bayog, Zamboanga del Sur was created into a separate and distinct Municipality by virtue of RA 4872 effective May 8, 1967. Since then, the Municipal Government has been operational under the Municipal Government Corporation Act of 1957 without defined structure until 1983, an Organizational Structure and Staffing Pattern (OSSP) has been formulated in accordance with Batas Pambansa 337, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1983.

Upon passage of RA 6758 otherwise known as the Salary Standardization Law and in accord with RA 6656, an ACT to Protect the Security of Tenure of Civil Service Officers and Employees in the implementation of Government Reorganization, the Organizational Structure and Staffing Pattern of the Municipal Government was revised that took effect January 1, 1994 which took consideration of its service requirements and financial capability subject to the minimum standards and guidelines prescribed by the Civil Service Commission.

On July 22, 2013, the Sanggunian Bayan, through Municipal Ordinance No. 12-113-13 declared total reorganization with the end view taking consideration of current developmental perspective, upgrading positions of incumbent officials and personnel, and proper placements of personnel to address service demands. It took quiet some time for the Reorganization Committee to finalize the structure and staffing pattern. The Local Government Unit even engaged the services of the Ateneo Center for Leadership Governance (ACLG) whereby supervisory and non-supervisory personnel were subjected to interview and psychiatric examination, results of which shall form part of Top Management Tool to effect efficiency and economy in governmental operations.

The Revised Organizational Structure and Staffing Pattern may not have been perfectly formulated, but to a great extent will be a vital reference in the performance of duties and responsibilities required by service demands. Functionaries which may have been inadvertently missed or omitted may at any time as financial capability so allows, create additional positions to carry out needed functions.

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