PoKaBa Ridge

POKABA RIDGE Remember that destination up the mountain, high school kids during the ’90s used to go to during the weekends in flocks and in groups, making sure kauban jud si crush? 🙂 It had no name during our time. Maybe it had. We just didn’t care what it was. We just referred to it continue reading : PoKaBa Ridge

Municipal Park and Plaza

MUNICIPAL PARK AND PLAZA The Municipal Park is one of the most beautiful spots you will love to see once you will visit the Municipality of Bayog. It is 5,734 sq.m. located in front of the Municipal Government Center. You will find various species of flowers planted along the sides of the center pathway, neatly continue reading : Municipal Park and Plaza

Lamare Twin Falls

LAMARE TWIN FALLS Another stunner hidden beneath the towering mountains of Bayog is this 30-feet falls in Barangay Lamare. There are two possible ways to reach the area. One, you have to take a 2-kilometer river trail involving balancing on rocks and going against rapids. Two, you can take a Pilot Road carved along the continue reading : Lamare Twin Falls