Bayog One Stop Shop earns support

LGU Bayog One Stop Shop for Business Permit and Licenses (BPLS) earns support from businessmen in the locality which was held last January 10-20, 2018 at the Ground floor Lobby of the Municipal Hall.

A total of 374 business permits were released within that period while the rest are still on process where its release are scheduled on the following week.

This one stop shop is held yearly for those who wants to avail fast and quick release of permit and licenses. It is performing very well for number of people who wants to avail this services are increasing each year.

For those who would like to apply and renew a business permit, you may comply the necessary requirements (Business License Application Assessment Form, Community Tax Certificate, Barangay Clearance, and Real Property Tax Clearance, Municipal Economic Enterprise Clearance for Public Market Occupants) before processing it.

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